Selling Online

Trying to promote sales online is very confusing. There are soooo many blogs and groups and suggestions. I could spend hours researching and trying to figure this out.

When am I suppose to create and make things and wash clothes and cook supper? Then add to the mix my mother is becoming my child. My adult daughter is in trumoil. My husband recently had surgery and his brother had triple heart bypass.

Now that I got that off my chest. Sales to friends are picking up. I have sold some necklaces and have orders for quillows. I sent a necklace to Deborah Duncan the host of the  Great Day Houston morning TV show Maybe she is wear it and promote my work. Maybe she will even want me on her show. Wouldn’t that be great?

Most of my necklaces are on consignment at a small boutique in Friendswood, . I am going to have to make some more so that I will have something to wear.

This weekend we got to see our 9 month old grandson, the Monkey Boy. I made him a monkey quillow.

Remember–custom orders are available!


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