Summer Begins

I started typing this and then somehow lost it. Let’s try again.
Today is definately SUMMER. We are not outside people, not even the dog. We stay inside as much as possible. Today I had a hard time just getting to the car and getting the AC going.
I am thankful that we are leasing our house. I discovered a water spot on the ceiling in the garage. It is probably AC overflow, but thank goodness it is the landlord’s problem and expense.
MMB Creations is moving along. I am completing an order for 5 quillows. The necklaces get lots of compliments and I hand out lots of cards. I have also completed a custom stained glass window for a small church.

I am working on some things for schools. If you know who I would need to talk to for school quillows or windows, let me know.


Etsy Houston is gearing up for a Craft Party on June 18. Everyone is welcome. Do you want to go with me?

Now for family news. Brad’s brother Gary is improving. He is still in ICU on a ventilator, but the infection is only in his lungs. He was awake and smiled at his daughter Sunday. Megan is in Oklahoma with Andy. They are busy unpacking and restocking after his reassignment to Ft. Bliss. My mother is getting stronger and adjusting to assisted living. We are going to Austin this weekend. Barry and Emily want to float the river with friends, so we get to play with August. Yesterday we talked to them on Skype. It was fun. He is learning sign language. We saw “O” for cheerios. He is so smart. Look out Harvard!

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