Craft and Antiques Mall

Imagination has overtaken good sense. After having such a productive trash week, I decided that I needed an outlet for all of that stuff. At the same time, Brad was surfing the internet and discovered the Craft and Antiques Mall of Pasadena . We went that day to check it out. It is a grown up Vintage Things (the craft and antiques mall in Bridge City). We made the plunge and rented a space 4′ deep with a 12′ open span on the aisle. At first I thought that I might have trouble filling it up…what was I thinking?

My sister, Lisa, and my husband, Brad, have been helping me arrange and rearrange. I’m sure I will continue to do this. I have a few of my necklaces and windows, but I hope to make it mostly be trash to treasure stuff.


My neighbor, Peggy, and her daughter were cleaning out their house and I got some cool stuff, like the push lawn mower in the shop picture and a very old Underwood manual typewriter.

Brad has started doing the painted “stained glass”. He is doing a great job and is being very ambitious. He may have finally found a hobby. I really feel like we can make a go of this. Please pray for our success.

Tomorrow, Brad and his niece, Jackie, are going to Beaumont to talk to Gary’s doctor. Gary has been on a ventilator for over a month. They are keeping him sedated. We want to have him moved back to Methodist in Houston. Today they talked to the doctor who did his heart surgery at Methodist. He is willing to try to make Gary better. Please pray for God’s will to be done in this.

While they are in the Golden Triangle, Brad will go to M’s Boutique and More   in Mauriceville next to Tuffy’s. The owner, Marcy has agreed to show some of my creations and take orders. Another area for prayer.

Thursday we are going to Austin. Brad has a TALI board meeting and I will get to visit with August,  Barry and Emily. That time is so precious. I am going to be able to take the Little Tykes car, table and chair, Sit and Spin, and Leap Frog play table. Remember, I found them at the curb.

We are definitely busy. Another prayer can go up for our health. We seem to be falling apart. I am not ready for that. I have a business to run and a grandbaby to spoil. God is good all the time.


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