Mall Success

After completing a month at the Pasadena Crafts and Antiques Mall, I am proclaiming success! I have sold enough stuff to make my rent for next month. By August 1,  I might have a little profit. Right now it is my junk that is selling. Hopefully in the future some of my crafts will begin to sell.

I have been working on a small table to take there. I bought this several years ago. I painted it with an awful bargain bin paint and it did not look good.


So I sanded off at least 3 layers of paint and then used my standby light blue paint. Now I am painting a brown, blue and green paisley design on the top. It is looking good.

Our computer is in the shop. I am lost. We borrowed a laptop from my brother in law, but it is not the same.

August had a great birthday party last Saturday. Barry and Emily are just great. Brad and I have suffered this week because of the long drive to Austin and back in one day.

Continue to pray that Brad finds some work.

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