Custom Quillows

Today I’ll give you a little information about quillows. I do not know the full history, but I believe they originated with the Amish. A quillow in a quilt folded into a pillow. I don’t remember how I first heard about this sensation but it has been fun. I started making them for babies and children.


 Then I figured they would be good to take to sporting events. I put a strap on the quillow to make it easier to carry.


The possibilities are endless.

Quillows have so many uses:

  1. ~ Keeps you warm while watching TV or reading
  2. ~ Great in the car
  3. ~ Perfect for nursing home residents
  4. ~ Pack for overnight visit to friend, grandma, or a hotel
  5. ~ Wonderful accessory for the camper
  6. ~ A great extra blanket/pillow for unexpected couch guests
  7. ~ Makes a great school nap blanket or “blankie”.
  8. ~ Makes a lovely decoration for your sofa or easy chair
  9. ~ Picnic carryall and blanket
  10. ~ Great for baby
  11. ~ Soft seat or quick cover at sporting events
  12. ~ They make UNIQUE gifts!!!

With a little practice, they are very easy to fold, or you can just stuff the quilt in the pillow and keep going! 

Now I have started making pretty quillows for the bed or couch or car.


Remember you can find all of the quillows at  or send me an email at They are also at the Antiques & Crafts Mall of Pasadena


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