Furniture Frenzy

Today I completed the makeover of 2 pieces of furniture. One was a trash find and the other is an Ike redo.


The little coffee table was an oval piece of plywood that was in the trash. It had the brackets for legs, but of course, the legs I had did not fit. I had seen a table similar to this in the magazine “100 Decorating Ideas for Under $100” (my kind of magazine). I also put the peacock feather on the stereo that I painted for Elaine.

I sanded, primed and painted the top. I used my old standby paint, Sherwin Williams #6463. When we remodeled the house in Bridge City, I had a dyslexia day and ordered 3 gallons on this instead of 6364. I am down to my last gallon. It is a great color, pale turquoise blue–almost white. It is a high gloss trim paint so it is great for furniture. 

Well back to this project. After the base coat I painted the peacock feather in purple, green and blue. I added several coats of polyurethane. The legs are from an end table that I got pre-Ike. I don’t remember where. It has just been sitting, so now it is legless. Here are more pictures of the table.


 During Pop’s last years, he would work on papers in front of the TV. He always had stacks of papers and he did not want anyone to move them or straighten them. Well, as I’ve said before, I felt I should fix this for him. I searched for a small desk to go in the small bedroom. My bright idea was that he could keep his papers there and not on the floor. By the way, you should see my living room floor. No papers, but I have containers of beads. Don’t move them or straighten them.

Needless to say, he did not use the desk. When he died, I took the desk back. It was actually a vanity with mirror. I did not give the mirror to Pop. I put the vanity at Vintage Things in Bridge City. When the flood came, it was under water. We did not get into that building for about 2 weeks. I brought the vanity to Friendswood. I have been thinking about it and just decided to try to refinish it. Well, that was not possible. I sanded, primed and painted it SW#6463. When I was working on Elaine’s furniture, I found these 2 designs. I did not use them for Elaine, but I used them as inspiration for the drawers.


I just drew the designs and started painting. The original dresser had boring drawer pulls and I messed one up taking it off. I did not want to spend money on new pulls, so I decided to make my own. I had some large square wooden beads and a 1×2. I ripped the wood, cut it the 4″ pieces and began painting.


Both of these pieces will be for sale at the Antiques and Crafts Mall of Pasadena this weekend.

 I had so much fun doing these pieces. Do you have a piece of furniture that needs a facelift? Give me a call (281) 993-4467. Or email . Or Facebook or reply here.


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