Fun Decorating Style Quiz

I have found a new blog friend. Sunny at Life in Rehab is my kind of person. Her rehab is reuse, redo, refurbish, rehabilitate. Her house was destroyed by fire, mine by water.

Her post for today, I Feel Sproost, has a link to a great site.


I took the quiz to determine my design style and I am

33% Arts and Crafts

33% Wine Country Style

34% Rustic Revival

You are probably not surprised that I could not make up my mind. I really think that Rustic Revival fits me best.

Rustic Revival
You can take kid out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the kid… or is your theme “you can take the kid out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the kid?” Either way you play it, you are one of the unique individuals who loves a mix of modern and country. The clean lines of the modern softened by rustic /vintage elements is the perfect mix in your mind. And can we blame you? You’ve taken the best aspects of two popular designs and mixed them in a manner that appeals young and old alike. A subtle background of white or light colors provides a nice canvas for all the wonderful flea market, eBay or garage sale finds as well as the classic modern pieces that you love.

Did you see that “unique individual”? I think most will agree with this. However, I have learned that I do not need to pay for my “finds”. They are at the curb or someone gives them to me. I just wish I had enough room for all of my creations.

I did go to The Antiques and Crafts Mall of Pasadena yesterday and my booth was empty. YEAH!!!! I need to gather and make some things to take over there for the new year.

I can hardly wait!!

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