If you follow my blog, you know that I have a pretty severe case of ADD. I cannot stay with one activity for very long. That includes my creative endeavors. I have posted about fabric art such as quillows, nap mats, and pillowcase dresses. I have made many kinds of jewelry, including statement necklaces, beaded brooches, and team spirit jewelry. My love for other people’s discards has sparked an interest in wood creations. That includes furniture and yard art. I cannot stay with one medium for very long.

Family Influence is very strong. My mother was creative and my father could not sit still. So I move from one unfinished project to another. One creative outlet that I have not talked about much is painting wall art.  I have taken watercolor lessons with my mother and I recently won a local art contest.

I have painted for friends and family and also for myself.

The following slide presentation shows some of my work that is for sale.

Enjoy and Share!

Another Christmas Present Creation

Some time back I found a bunk bed frame at the curb. It was such good lumber, I could not pass it up. Here is the part that  I used for this project.

I took this apart and ended up with these boards.

I cut and sanded and glued and nailed and filled holes and sanded and primed and sanded and painted and aged and sealed…well you get the picture. This is what I created for my grandson.

He will be bringing his parents here in just 2 days!

Finally Christmas

I have had a very hard time getting it together this year. Today I finally put up the Christmas tree. Now that does not mean that the house is ready for Christmas. It means the tree is decorated. Our tree is an example of “necessity is the mother of invention”. About 8 years ago I bought a very nice, and expensive, tree. It is 9′ tall and prelit. I have really enjoyed it. In our house in Bridge City, it looked great in the living room. We had lots of room for a big, full tree. Well we now live in a smaller house in Friendswood. When we moved we lost part of the tree. The top is gone and some of the lights do not work. If you know me, you know that I do not throw things away. I get creative. Here is the sad tree without a top.

We also had to retire the crocheted angel topper that we had for about 30 years. She was just YUCK! I crocheted another angel. It took me 3 tries to get the right size because I did not have a pattern and I don’t really know what I am doing most of the time. So I took the angel, some tulle and lights and stuck them on the top of the tree.

It really looks that we meant to do that. Here is the whole tree.

When I decorate, I tend to go overboard with a theme.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, most of the year, my house is overrun with chickens. For Christmas I do angels. Today I will concentrate on the tree. Later I will show you my other angels. Here are SOME of my ornaments.

Next time I’ll show you how I upcycle my pillows for Christmas.

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