Nap Mat Success

Earlier this school year, my daughter-in-law asked me to make August a nap mat. Since I have no small children at home, I was not familiar with the idea. She sent me a link and I found a nap mat pattern online. When I found this bright dinosaur print flannel, I fell in love. If I make another, I will tweak the design a little. I am not much for following directions. I tend to always have a better plan, just ask my husband. My best better plan was marrying him. My parents said it wouldn’t last. That was 36 years ago.

Here is the 20″x50″ finished product:

There is a 1″ piece of washable foam inside one end and a poly fiberfill pillow on the other end. The pattern called for velcro on the side to remove the foam, but I sewed it up. The foam can be washed and then hung to dry. The 36″x36″ blanket is attached on one side. When not in use, the mat rolls up and buttons closed. I also made a strap that makes it easy for little ones to carry.

We went to see August last weekend. We actually got to take care of him overnight. It was great, but we were tired. August is now 15 months old. When I gave him the mat,

he knew exactly what to do.

He just loved it and so did Emily. I think I have a new item to sell.

I have a friend who suggested making adult mats to take to hotels. What do you think?

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