Longhorn Etsy Treasury

Today Corky Crafts included one of my stained glass windows in Texas Longhorn Fans Treasury. She does a great job of highlighting Texas shops in these treasuries.

This listing is especially close to my heart. Our family has a long history with THE UNIVERSITY. My dad, known as POP, graduated from UT in 1943. He then left to serve our country in WWII. When he returned, he bought season tickets for the UT football games. I wonder how much they cost at that time. As I was growing up, we spent many weekends, or at least Saturday, in Austin. I did not get to go to many games because I had 2 older brothers. They always got to go to the games if Pop was not taking clients. I don’t think we ever has a real Thanksgiving day celebration until they changed the day of the UT/A&M game. I remember one Thanksgiving we had sandwiches outside Kyle Field in College Station. Pop passed away in 2006. My mother still gets the tickets and we still enjoy those games.

In 1975 my brother, Larry Speck, joined the faculty of the School of Architecture at University of Texas at Austin.

Larry helped to found the Center for American Architecture and Design in the School of Architecture at UT where he was Director from 1982-90. In 1990 Larry became associate dean of the School of Architecture at University of Texas, and in 1992 he became dean. He was in that position for 9 years. Over the last decade Larry has “expanded the range of his teaching in the School of Architecture and has been a potent agent for change in the larger University of Texas community”. In 2008 he received the UT Most Interesting Professor Award. Can you tell I am proud of the influence my brother has had on this great institution? He is also a great guy.

Our connection to UT continues. My son, Barry, and his wife, Emily, both received their master’s degrees in education from UT. Barry Bacom is the Assistant Principal and Director of New Tech High at Akins High School in Austin. He graduated from Abilene Christian University with a B.A. in Secondary Education and later from the University of Texas at Austin with an M.Ed. in Educational Administration. Emily earned her master’s in Language and Literacy and also works for Austin ISD as a literacy coach. They are the parents of the next great longhorn, our grandson.

I have created several things to go with this UT Longhorn theme.

Visit MMB Creations on etsy to see it all.

Creations Central

This past weekend I opened our front room up for people to come see my work. All designs are more impressive in person. At this time of year the seashell crosses are very popular. I am working to make the photos more true to the design.

It is not too soon to be thinking of graduation and Mother’s Day gifts.

The seniors would enjoy a stained glass window from their favorite school.


The women in your life would really enjoy one of the statement necklaces found at www.etsy.com/shop/

As summer gets closer, families think about going on picnics or to the beach. The quillows will be great. Stick your lunch or your sunscreen in the pocket and then when you reach your destination, you have a nice quilt to sit on.


I would love to make a custom design for you. Just let me know at msbacom@comcast.net

Testing the new blog

I am still trying to figure all of this out.  This will be about the creative efforts of the mother/daughter team of Melanie and Megan Bacom. My attention span is very short so I like to try many things. Right now I am making bib or statement necklaces.


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