If you follow my blog, you know that I have a pretty severe case of ADD. I cannot stay with one activity for very long. That includes my creative endeavors. I have posted about fabric art such as quillows, nap mats, and pillowcase dresses. I have made many kinds of jewelry, including statement necklaces, beaded brooches, and team spirit jewelry. My love for other people’s discards has sparked an interest in wood creations. That includes furniture and yard art. I cannot stay with one medium for very long.

Family Influence is very strong. My mother was creative and my father could not sit still. So I move from one unfinished project to another. One creative outlet that I have not talked about much is painting wall art.  I have taken watercolor lessons with my mother and I recently won a local art contest.

I have painted for friends and family and also for myself.

The following slide presentation shows some of my work that is for sale.

Enjoy and Share!

Statement Jewelry

Creations Central

This past weekend I opened our front room up for people to come see my work. All designs are more impressive in person. At this time of year the seashell crosses are very popular. I am working to make the photos more true to the design.

It is not too soon to be thinking of graduation and Mother’s Day gifts.

The seniors would enjoy a stained glass window from their favorite school.


The women in your life would really enjoy one of the statement necklaces found at

As summer gets closer, families think about going on picnics or to the beach. The quillows will be great. Stick your lunch or your sunscreen in the pocket and then when you reach your destination, you have a nice quilt to sit on.


I would love to make a custom design for you. Just let me know at

Testing the new blog

I am still trying to figure all of this out.  This will be about the creative efforts of the mother/daughter team of Melanie and Megan Bacom. My attention span is very short so I like to try many things. Right now I am making bib or statement necklaces.


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