Well, here is a challenge for all of my followers. I had a productive trash excursion today.This is the back of my car when I got home.

What should I do with all of it?

Take a look and tell me what you would do with these things.

This is a twin bed headboard. The bottom edge is damaged. I could take it apart and make lots of things or keep it together and make one thing. What can it be?

Here is the wood that I found on this trip. The dowels still have the bar code on them. What do you see?

Can you believe I found this very old corset in someone’s trash? Now I don’t dig. These things are found in plain sight on top of someone’s trash at the curb. What should I do with this?

I’m not sure what this was. It is made out of wood and has some nice details. The top board must be replaced. It looks like it had another piece on top. I don’t know what. What do you think?

I think these are cabinet doors. Who knows?

Now stealing this street sign is a crime. Is it a crime to take it out of someone’s trash? It was not under the pole. I promise. It was at a house in a pile of trash. What should I do?

The frame is cheap, but the glass is still good.

You will notice that this beautiful leather chair has a crooked leg. There is a bolt inside that needs to be tightened. That is all! This is a nice, expensive chair. The leather is very soft. I wish I needed it.

Now aren’t these pretty hanging glass jars?

This is why I like wood.

And then there was one.

Now I need some suggestions. What should I do with this stuff?

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