Autumn Additions

This week I added some new creations to the Antiques and Crafts Mall of Pasadena. Many of the designs were inspired by trash2treasure.  Here is what the shop looks like now:

My sister was frustrated because she could not find a weather proof scarecrow. All the ones she found were cloth so they would only last one year. She likes wood yard art. So I decided this was  niche that need to be filled. I had a pile of fence pickets that had fallen during hurricane Ike. Remember, I don’t throw away anything. Just ask Brad and the people who have helped me move. I also had some shelf boards that we torn out of the house in Bridge City.

Some boards are 6″ and some are 4″. I used the 6″ for the body and legs. I used the 4″ for the arms. The head and hat are made from shelf board.

The owner of the Antiques and Crafts Mall of Pasadena has put the scarecrows on the porch to draw in customers. They have some unique things inside. Here are  some other pictures of my stuff.

Next I plan to highlight the items that I have to celebrate team spirit. Follow my blog to see these.

Pumpkins and More!

Thursday night we had a fun and inspirational Ladies’ gathering at church. I was in charge of decorations. So, I made some pumpkins to go in the table with the fall leaf garlands. The pumpkins were inspired by trash2treasure

I drew them on a piece of MDF that I found in someone’s trash. After I cut them out and sanded out my mistakes, I gave them a base coat of some brown OOPS paint and put some dimension with other fall colors. I had a stencil that I used on the red plate shelf so I just put it down and stenciled across the pumpkins. On the little pumpkins, the stencil looks like a face. Do you believe I planned that…no, just luck.

By the way, Diana Bradshaw gave a very inspirational talk on listening to God. He will break through in your life if you are open to his voice.

I took some other things to the shop on Friday.

There is the little table that my mother had. I first painted it white, but it was too plain. I free-handed some flowers and vines. In Bridge City I had painted something similar to this on the wall in the entry hall. I had just finished the walls when hurricane Ike came through. We tried to save some of the sheet-rock, but it didn’t work.

My nephew, Michael, gave me a table and 4 chairs to put in the shop. I didn’t do anything to it. It is the new cabinet height and only about 4′ square.

I now have 3 red pieces. I took an old self and added the side rail from a Radio Flyer wagon. Then I also have to plate self and the spice rack.

I made a spice rack or small table top shelf from an old drawer. I just added shelves and feet.

Someone gave me this mirror. I just repainted it and also the coat rack.

Random pictures from the Antiques and Crafts Mall in Pasadena.

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