Television Debut

I’m sure that if you follow me on Facebook or email, you know that I made my television debut on Great Day Houston on Wednesday. You can click on the name to the right to see my performance.

Let me tell you how that came to be. My very good client and friend, Pam, told me last March that the host, Deborah Duncan, needed one of my necklaces. So, I sent her one. On April 23, she wore the necklace on the air, but did not even mention my name.

 see necklace

After this, I became a friend of the show on Facebook,!/pages/Great-Day-Houston/114872485212038?ref=ts. Periodically they would posts things about upcoming show; do you know someone who….

Last Friday they asks if anyone was a Tool Belt Diva. I emailed the producer and said that I was quite handy. He emailed back and then called Monday (2 days before the show). He was talking real stuff to repair like drywall, electrical outlets, faucets. He wanted me to supply all the props. Well, I kept trying to think of things that I could get together in the one day I had left. I emailed, he emailed, he called. Finally Tuesday morning he called and said they found another handywoman, but they would use me for trash to treasure. They wanted me to demonstrate 4 things in 5 minutes. I was nervous. I was stressed. I was excited.

Tuesday afternoon I drove to the Antiques & Crafts Mall in Pasadena to pick up some things that I had redone, like the table, chairs and quillow.


 I went to my storage to pick up the old headboard so that I could recover it.

I went to the place where my mother lives so that they would make sure my momma saw me. I worked on the chair to fix on the show.

Tuesday evening I prepared everything to take. I had to be  at the studio at 7:15 am. You know how paranoid I am about being late. Well, I arrived at 6:45. The guard said, you sure are early! They did let me in. Everyone was so nice. They went over everything and helped us set up. I was going to be last.

The wait was so hard. The show is live, so anything can happen.I was afraid they were going to run out of time and I would have to tell everyone nevermind, I wasn’t on TV. Then they called me. I met Deborah during the commercial before I went on. She is soooo nice. Just like she is on TV. It was like talking to a friend.

I was able to get in a plug for the Craft Mall and a woman called them to get my number. She may order a quillow. After the show, we talked about and etsyhouston. Today GDH sent out a post for Designing Women who sell on ebay and etsy. Of course, I emailed back. Who knows, you may see my smiling face one TV again.

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